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Mörk Chocolate X Rooftop Honey

In this collaboration we have teamed up with local beekeepers Melbourne City Rooftop Honey. When we first met founders Vanessa and Mat we instantly got talking about their urban beehives, unique flora in each suburb, and honeyed chocolate concoctions. It was a pairing waiting to happen and with the hives now starting to fill up with new season honey, our Melbourne Honeyed Dark Chocolate was born!

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Mörk Chocolate is a small business. We have one foot in the world of fine chocolate and one in the world of specialty coffee, with over ten years of professional experience in both Australia and Europe. “Mörk” is Swedish for dark, and the name speaks both to our shared history and our devotion to dark, pure chocolate.

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There are many things that are common to specialty chocolate and coffee, and we feel strongly that our experience with both have enabled us to bring hot chocolate in Australia - historically a neglected product - up to the same level as the fantastic coffee that is now available in our corner of the world.

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